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The Devil’s Mirror stats defined

“I stand here atop my mage’s tower, I am master of all that see. I have bent the will of men to serve me and used my power to warp the forces of nature and time. I hereby declare that … Continue reading

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Devil’s Mirror

I backed the RKDN Studios Kickstarter for The Reliquary at the Druid level. I have already submitted my PC/NPC for use in the other PDFs associated with the Kickstarter. I have been mulling over idea after idea as to what … Continue reading

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The Reliquary and my PC/NPC submission

I recently backed the kickstarter by RKDN Studios for their project The Reliquary.   I have recently gotten addicted to kickstarter (KS) since  Repear Mini’s Bones project.  Now back to The Reliquary, it started out as just a book for … Continue reading

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