The Devil’s Mirror stats defined

“I stand here atop my mage’s tower, I am master of all that see. I have bent the will of men to serve me and used my power to warp the forces of nature and time. I hereby declare that today and all Mondays that have yet to pass to be: Magic and Monster Monday.”

In an effort to post on a more regular basis I am going to pick a few days a week to post about certain topics.

I have been thinking about a list of powers, costs, and how to feed the mirror.

The possessor must spend an hour a day for 2 weeks stand before the mirror looking into it. After this time the possessor is attuned to the mirror and will receive a +6 to one attribute and a +3 to a second attribute. The possessor must spend an hour a day gazing into the mirror to to keep these bonuses active. Should more then pass with out staring into the mirror the bonuses half (round down), should a second day pass the possessor must re-attune the mirror.

Discern Lies: while mirror has at least two charges it grants its possessor this power as per the spell as long as the possessor is within 25′ of the mirror.

Augery: 1 charge
Divination: 1 charge
Scrying: 2 charges
Greater Scrying: 3 charges
Discern location 4 charges

Charging the Devil’s Mirror requires offering it souls. The sacrifice must be facing the mirror when they are offered to it. For every HD of the sacrifice half a charge is added to the mirror. If the sacrifice is good aligned it is a one to one exchange (1HD to 1 charge). The Devil’s Mirror takes a cut of the take once a day, it takes 1 charge/soul, this is Asmodeus’ cut. The mirror holds 25 charges, and after 40 charges have been spent the mirror will no longer accept sacrificed souls. The possessor must make a personal offering of to the Devil’s Mirror. The possessor must take a permanent negative level. Once the possessor has taken four negative levels the mirror has captured their soul. After the possessor has lost their soul the mirror will be lost in 2d4 weeks. Should the former possessor die they can only be returned to life via a limited wish or wish. It is rumored in long ago lost tomes that there is way to venture to Hell to retrieve ones lost soul.


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