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The Dwarven Desk of Order

While exploring the area surrounding the mine just north of Orodtaur the party came upon an unusually clean desk in an office that had been ransacked over 100 years ago.  Dust a half an inch thick blanketed the entire room … Continue reading

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The Devil’s Mirror stats defined

“I stand here atop my mage’s tower, I am master of all that see. I have bent the will of men to serve me and used my power to warp the forces of nature and time. I hereby declare that … Continue reading

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Devil’s Mirror

I backed the RKDN Studios Kickstarter for The Reliquary at the Druid level. I have already submitted my PC/NPC for use in the other PDFs associated with the Kickstarter. I have been mulling over idea after idea as to what … Continue reading

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