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Dungeon Terrain….my first foray into terrain modeling

During the RPGNOW GM sale I picked up a bunch of Fat Dragon Games E-Z dungeon terrain PDFs.  I read the PDF guide on paper modeling and it seemed straight forward enough.  Rather then just try it as directed, I … Continue reading

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Campaign minis filed and primed

Wish I had more a post about my campaign world, or progress but I have been battling illness.  The sickness took me down hard Monday night and I am just getting back to work and some semblance of normalcy now. … Continue reading

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Minis for my campiagn, and $%#@ing space marines….

Thursday is going to be my day to post about topics related to my campaign. The topics could range from miniatures, mapping, world development, game play scenarios, etc. Today I am talking about minis, and in particular modding them. I … Continue reading

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