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Magic rules continued

In my post of races, I discussed some of the general changes in feel, concept, and now I will start in on how some of the mechanics of the game system tie in. I will eventually have a complete race/class … Continue reading

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Races in Twin Falls

I have no desire to change the mechanics of the races, I am going to tweak the feel and flavor of them. Before I continue on with the tweaks to the magic system I should provide a brief overview of … Continue reading

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Magic in Twin Falls

I have decided I want to tweak the magic system for the reboot of my campaign. I want to emphasize the mechanics of magic a bit more. I want wizards to have a studied feel to them, where they truly … Continue reading

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Notable Neighbors getting to know the NPCs in town

I am launching a new aspect of the blog. As the PCs have now liberated the town of Orodtaur and will now begin the process of help to maintain it’s security and reconstruction a lot of NPCs are going to … Continue reading

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Devil’s Mirror

I backed the RKDN Studios Kickstarter for The Reliquary at the Druid level. I have already submitted my PC/NPC for use in the other PDFs associated with the Kickstarter. I have been mulling over idea after idea as to what … Continue reading

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The game has begun!!!

This past Saturday, I started my Pathfinder campaign.  We ventured up to the home of one of the players and set about doing some character creation and finalization.  We started a little later than planned but things went smoothly after … Continue reading

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