Devil’s Mirror

I backed the RKDN Studios Kickstarter for The Reliquary at the Druid level. I have already submitted my PC/NPC for use in the other PDFs associated with the Kickstarter. I have been mulling over idea after idea as to what to submit. I have decided against a weapon as I imagine many will be submitted. I have had some trouble working out mechanics on my item but I am working through it. Here is what I have so far.

The Devil’s Mirror

Lore: The Devil’s Mirror finds its way to a soul who longs for more than their lot life has dealt them. It is rumored to have graced the chambers of some who have gone onto become the most desirable women in history, the tents of the greatest generals while they marched across the globe in conquest. While it appears to serve its earthly possessor it has one true master the ancient devil Lord who crafted this twisted artifact.

Physical Description: This full length mirror is finely polished, and four golden snakes wrapped around the exterior and interlock to form the frame. The snakes are set in a profile view with a faintly glowing ruby for an eye. The mirror’s size adjusts to fit it’s current master.

Powers:The Devil’s Mirror starts by offering its possessor increases to the attributes that are most beneficial to achieving their goal ( raise one attribute by X, raise a second attribute half X ????). Next the mirror will show its possessor the path that must be taken to achieve their lofty goal. The mirror will then display those who stand in the path of its possessor. After the possessor’s goal has been achieved the mirror will continue to guide her to maintaining this power.

Costs: The first gift of the mirror costs its possessor an hour of time starring into it. Also their conscience begins to fade, and they slowly disregard companions needs. This is the first piece of their soul that the mirror takes. Next the mirror requires all but a sliver of the possessor’s soul so that the possessor can learn what must be done to achieve their goal. Next the mirror will require the souls of those who stand in the way of the possessor even the innocents’ souls are not safe from both the mirror’s and the possessor’s hunger. At this point the possessor has trouble not being in the same room with the mirror. They will constantly look over to it and when not in view of it they will try to ensure that their actions will bring it the souls it requires. Maintaining ones power requires feeding the mirror more souls and more importantly innocent or righteous souls. Eventually when the possessor has out lived its usefulness the Devil’s Mirror will take the last sliver of the possessor’s soul and move on to the next needy host. The former possessor of the mirror will try to keep the power they gained but ultimately it will be lost much like their soul.

This is my rough draft of the concept I will continue to kick it around. It has been some time since I last developed an artifact. I mean they all can’t be as simple as a +5 sword of genocide.


About Mike Schmidt

I am a geek with many passions from RPGs, miniature wargaming, board games, fantasy novels/tv, camping, fishing, hunting, firearms, shooting sports, zombies, preparedness, and recently fitness and obstacle racing.
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