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Building my Greyhawk

For a long time I have known that when I sat down to run a campaign again, I wanted to build an epic world for it to take place in.  I wanted legendary characters that the PC’s looked up, and … Continue reading

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The game has begun!!!

This past Saturday, I started my Pathfinder campaign.  We ventured up to the home of one of the players and set about doing some character creation and finalization.  We started a little later than planned but things went smoothly after … Continue reading

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The Reliquary and my PC/NPC submission

I recently backed the kickstarter by RKDN Studios for their project The Reliquary.   I have recently gotten addicted to kickstarter (KS) since  Repear Mini’s Bones project.  Now back to The Reliquary, it started out as just a book for … Continue reading

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New Campaign=New Geek Bag

I have been playing RPGs for over two decades now and I have gone through two different game bags.  Both have been backpacks that were my old school bags.  One was an old black bag that I literally used like … Continue reading

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Election Day

Not all of us live in a feudal mid evil setting so get out and vote.  Just want to throw this out there for those undecided voters.    

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Advise from Michael Curtis, and a afternoon of play testing.

Well my FLGS, All Things Fun, host a meet and greet with author and designer Michael Curtis.  He wrote The Dungeon Alphabet, and adventures for Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG.  It was a rather low key event, with a very friendly … Continue reading

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Knocking the dust off….

It has been quite some time since I have run an RPG game, years to be exact.  Back in the day I could through a game together in no time or even by the seat of my pants.  I remember … Continue reading

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