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Dungeon Room Dressings

I have been spending some time in A.C. Moore buying X-acto knife blades, foam board, etc. for my Magnetic Dungeon projects. On my way in the other day there was a 4’x8′ display box full of clearance trinket style jewelry. … Continue reading

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Magic in Twin Falls

I have decided I want to tweak the magic system for the reboot of my campaign. I want to emphasize the mechanics of magic a bit more. I want wizards to have a studied feel to them, where they truly … Continue reading

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Campaign Reboot

My current campaign is on hold while I am running the group through a DCC RPG funnel, and after we finish it I would like to switch to DCC. To be fair to myself and the players who have invested … Continue reading

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Magnetic Dungeon

This is a pictorial guide to how I built my magnetic modular dungeon.  The walls and floor tiles are from Fat Dragon Games, E-Z Dungeon system. The guide to how I built the walls can be found in my post … Continue reading

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Dungeon Terrain….my first foray into terrain modeling

During the RPGNOW GM sale I picked up a bunch of Fat Dragon Games E-Z dungeon terrain PDFs.  I read the PDF guide on paper modeling and it seemed straight forward enough.  Rather then just try it as directed, I … Continue reading

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Perils of the Sunken City Part II

Perils of The Sunken City play report part I So when last we left our intrepid heroes they had just been transported by the sending stone to the arena ground. Now the scripted fun is about to begin. This post … Continue reading

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Hand drawn maps

As my campaign is currently in flux as to what is going to be happening as far as setting goes I am shelving Friday’s Notable Neighbor posts. I am instead going to post my submissions for the Google+ and Twitter, … Continue reading

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