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Magic rules continued

In my post of races, I discussed some of the general changes in feel, concept, and now I will start in on how some of the mechanics of the game system tie in. I will eventually have a complete race/class … Continue reading

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Campaign Reboot

My current campaign is on hold while I am running the group through a DCC RPG funnel, and after we finish it I would like to switch to DCC. To be fair to myself and the players who have invested … Continue reading

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Notable Neighbors….the woodsman and the brewer

This weeks Notable Neighbors are figures that will help with getting the town back on it’s feet.   Illamor Teradin, chief forester and millwright and Gnome wine maker, Gavin Gundolpho heir the the Gundopho vineyards and winery. Illamor Teradin Illamor Teradin … Continue reading

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Orodtaur, the town that started it all

As I mentioned earlier I had just started randomly drawing dungeons and towns for my upcoming campaign.  Well this is the town that launched the idea.  Before Orodtaur, was over run, and the population was wiped out it was a … Continue reading

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Building my Greyhawk

For a long time I have known that when I sat down to run a campaign again, I wanted to build an epic world for it to take place in.  I wanted legendary characters that the PC’s looked up, and … Continue reading

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