Perils of the Sunken City Part II

Perils of The Sunken City play report part I

So when last we left our intrepid heroes they had just been transported by the sending stone to the arena ground. Now the scripted fun is about to begin. This post will not be as long and not as detailed as I don’t want to give away secrets of the adventure.

After arriving and the arena grounds the PCs decided to head towards the arena from the stone. The took a straight line approach to the arena from the stone. They encountered some creatures along the way and again all survived the journey to the arena itself.

Current party size: 15/16

Upon arrival at the arena they began to cautiously explore, I think they were waiting for the shoe to drop so to speak. They eventually make their way around to Mandrak’s private “luxury” box and have to find a way up the 10 foot wall. They decide to make a human pyramid and have the halving climb up them. The first attempt ended in failure, and the second attempt the pyramid was shaker but they tossed the halving to give him a head start. He was launched almost to the top of the wall, after reaching the top he tied off the rope and they climbed up.

The looted the dead spectators, and the VIPs. I put a diamond inside the skull of Manadrak. Ishmael Ibn Ayshid (wizard apprentice), studies the diamond and failed his save. A wierd image starts to swirl inside the diamond, and it eventually ends up burrowing into his skull and melding into his brain. Sleepy Bone Harding, goes after Ishmael but somehow Ishmael cast a hold person spell on old Sleepy. Ishmael states he wants no trouble and then starts to come too, not sure what is going on other than he feels ok for the most part. After this display the party decides to not try to kill Ishmael again. They boldly start to explore the arena with a devil may care attitude but just don’t seem to want to venture onto the arena floor. Eventually they do and some wild and hilarious times ensue. They eventually find their way into the dungeon

Current party size: 6/16 (Player 1: 1 character remains, Player 2: 1 character remains, Player 3: 3 Characters remaining, Player 4: 1 character remaining)

For the players that only had one character left I provided an opportunity to enlist the some Opposummen they encountered, as well as 1 human/per player that arrived via a strange sending stone accident. The characters that survived received enough XP to hit 1st level.

Time was running short for our session so not much exploration of the dungeon took place. They survived the first two encounters, with only loosing one 1st level character, and 1 zero. It will be interesting to see how the party fairs the rest of the way.

Current party size: 10


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