M&MM: Shiny-spined Turf-Hurdler

Durning the Peril of the Sunken City funnel I am running my PCs went off book and decided to venture into the swampy morass surrounding the path out to the Sending Stone. (see Perils of the Sunken City play report part I) They encountered the feared Shiny-spined Turf-hurdler at the time I ran it on the fly, well now I have had some to think. The turf-hurdler they encountered was newly spawned and new to acquiring food. The stats and strategies are for more an “adult” turf-hurdler.

Shiny-spined Turf-hurdler: Init +1; Atk leap +2 (1d6/10′ of leap) or bite +2 (1d4); AC 15 (spiny scales); HD 2d8+2; MV 40′ walking 60′ leap (max height 40′); Act 1d20; SP immune poison, infravision 60′; SV Fort +2, Ref +1, Will -2; AL C.

Some say that the Shiny-spined Turf-hurdler is the of a giant toad or frog eating a creature that is tainted by demons. The toad/frog is then corrupted into this new hideous creature. Other scholars say that it is the mutated porcupines that make their home near two crumbling towers deep in the swamp that glow green in the night. Adventures say I don’t care where they come from just get me out of here.

Shiny-spined Turf-hurdlers will lay in wait under the water for days at time for prey to come with in range. When they sense prey nearby they will spring from the water and attempt to crush it by landing on it. It will bite at opponents but only if it can not jump at them. It’s jaw is not strong so after it crushes its prey it will open its mouth and scope its prey into its gullet. One man size meal can last it forth a month. It hisses and its spines lay will flare out when in close combat. Any who fumble and roll the max on their fumble check while in melee range stumble into the Shiny-spine Turf-hurdler and get stuck on it. Take 1d6 damage and Str check to pry yourself free.

I am not much of an artist but here some rough sketches.

I am not much of an artist but here some rough sketches.



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  1. Chris says:

    Beat that sucker down though. Take that you shiny bastard.

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