Notable Neighbors….the woodsman and the brewer

This weeks Notable Neighbors are figures that will help with getting the town back on it’s feet.   Illamor Teradin, chief forester and millwright and Gnome wine maker, Gavin Gundolpho heir the the Gundopho vineyards and winery.

Illamor Teradin

Illamor Teradin is a seasoned ranger and expert millwright.  Early in his career he worked for Lord Rivalton’s lumber mill, but parted ways before the town was overrun.  He made his way across the elvish lands scouting the wilderness and working as a lumber jack.  He learned over the years that he was a better millwright than wilderness scout.  He has since left his adventure days behind him and works full time in the timber industry.  He may not like to head out into the dark woods for adventure anymore but he is never without his trusty bow and wolf Smoke.

Illamor Teradin

Illamor Abilities and Gear

Gavin Gundolpho

Gavin Gundolpho is the last Gundolpho remaining , and is looking to restore the family name to glory.  The Gundolphos fled for their lives as Orodtaur feel to the evil army that washed over it.  They left behind their vineyards and winery, but there secrets stayed with them.  For centuries before the fall of Orodtaur the Gundolpho name was synonymous with the utmost quality in wine.  Their wine had won awards around the world, and fetched a rather high price on the open market.  After the fall though it has been plagued with tragedy, Gavin’s father, Gustof, tried to rebuild the vineyards and winery in another region but the soil never produced the same results.  Gustof, mired in debt and haunted by the loss of his wife and daughter at Orodtaur sunk into depression and alcohol.  The Gundolpho wine and reputation started to sour.  The once great wine makers, now could barley sell their bottles as vinegar.  One day Gavin went down to the cask room to find his father hanging from he rafters, his remaining brother Gisbon didn’t react well to the loss of his father well.  Gisbon turned to gambling and whoring about, he eventually found himself deep in debt to a half-orc pimp and loan shark.  Gisbon was cut down in a hail of crossbow bolts one evening while stumbling home penniless.  Gavin had heard rumors that an effort to reclaim Orodtaur was in the works, and with no family left Gavin sold all his current holdings.  He payed off all the debtors legal and otherwise and helped finance the army that was marching to take back Orodtaur.  He hopes to restore the family winery and his name.

Gavin Gundolpho

Gavin abilities and gear


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