The Dwarven Desk of Order

While exploring the area surrounding the mine just north of Orodtaur the party came upon an unusually clean desk in an office that had been ransacked over 100 years ago.  Dust a half an inch thick blanketed the entire room yet, the desk and chair where clean, and the papers where perfectly ordered.  The Dwarven corpse that sat in the chair hadn’t rotted away to bones like all the others, instead he just appeared dehydrated.  His clothes showed no signs of damage or age.  This puzzled the party for a few minutes, speculation began as to what caused this, the paladin detected evil, there was none.  The wizard did find magic though.  After some more speculation and a few checks where made and some more spells where cast it was determined it was a Dwarven Desk of Order.

Dwarven Desk of Order  

Aura: mild transmutation and abjuration; CL: 5th;  Slot: none; Price: 6000gp base (varies by cost of desk used during creation); Weight:  Varies by desk/chair type

photo from

photo from

This finely crafted desk made of ancient hardwoods, and beautifully stained is free from scratches, imperfections, and blemishes.  The drawers all sit square and true, they glide open and closed with ease.  The desk and chair are enchanted so that they are resistant to stains, rips, scrapes, nicks, and burns.  The metal work on the desk will not tarnish or rust.  The drawers will close if left open for longer than 30 seconds, and re-lock if the key is not in contact with the desk.  Papers will always stay neatly arranged in piles, rows, and columns.  The desk and chair will preserve the condition of any object they are in contact with but only in a matter of stopping decay, or from gathering dust.  Also the desk and chair will repair themselves, damage done by magical means however will not self repair.

Construction requirements:

Masterwork desk and chair of Dwarven make, Craft Wondrous Item Feat, Make Whole, Resist Energy Acid, Fire      Cost:  3000gp (varies based on price of desk and chair)


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I am a geek with many passions from RPGs, miniature wargaming, board games, fantasy novels/tv, camping, fishing, hunting, firearms, shooting sports, zombies, preparedness, and recently fitness and obstacle racing.
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