Notable Neighbors getting to know the NPCs in town

I am launching a new aspect of the blog. As the PCs have now liberated the town of Orodtaur and will now begin the process of help to maintain it’s security and reconstruction a lot of NPCs are going to start pouring in. Now Paizo has published the NPC Codex which will be very useful for the less important NPCs, but this weekly article is going to profile a Notable Neighbor in the community of Orodtaur. These NPCs will have recurring roles as well as defined personalities, also a PDF version of the Herolab characters sheets for the featured NPC will up on the site. So with out further ado I present to you Orodtaur’s first Notable Neighbor:

Rogdar Deephammer

deviantART by Narcotic-Nightmares

deviantART by Narcotic-Nightmares

Bio: Rogdar is a master engineer and mining specialist. In Orodtaur’s early days he started out as just a miner in the mine north of town. Over the years he quickly rose up the ranks till at the young age 50 he was placed in charge of the mine by Lord Rivalton.  Rodgar quickly set out implementing his plans of fuzing Lord Rivlaton’s magic to his mechanization.   In the years that followed Rogdar’s innovations and efficiency tripled the out put of the mine and helped spur the growth of Orodtaur.   During the invasion, Rogdar took up his hammer in defense of the town and the mine.   Alas he was unable to help turn the tide of the battle, he did manage to shut the mine down by caving in key veins, and sabotaging key equipment.  He fled the town, and returned to his homeland in the north.  He eventually found work in a Dwarven mine, and again rose up the ranks till he was in charge.  Although he spent over a century running the Dwarven mine, he always longed for another opportunity to go back to Orodtaur and restore his baby.  When he was approached by Mystalynn Rivalton, heir to Orodtaur, and asked to return to the mine and restore it to it’s former glory he jumped at it.

Physical Description: Rogdar stand an even four foot tall, and wighs in at just over two hundred pounds.  He is the kind of dwarf that is as wide as he is tall.  He has strong thick arms from years working in the mines though age have weakened them.  He has a copper hued skin, and his red hair and braided beard has faded to grey with only feint strands of red remaining.

Gear: All item can be found on Rogdar’s  inventory in the PDFs with the exception of two listed here.  The Desk of Order (appearing in Monday 2/18/13 Magic Monday post), and his every handy  light orb.   Rogdar’s latern was a gift from Lord Rivalton for his great leadership, and service to the mine.  The orb follows the wearer of a necklace which is attuned to the orb.  The orb itself is 6″ in diameter, and wights 5 pounds and has the appearance of a giant pearl, it can float at a height of 2″ off the ground to a maximum height of 20′.  It can support a weight of 300 pounds after which it will slowly sink to the ground and shut off till the weight is removed.  It produce light in three different modes.  The first is as a bullseye lantern with the light cast from this function treated as a from a Daylight spell, the duration for this mode 4 hours constant use with a 1 hour cool down. The second function is the whole sphere is illuminated like a torch or Sunrod this mode lasts for 12 hours with a 2 hour cool down.   The third option is a simultaneous use of both modes this mode lasts for 1 hour with a cool down of 12 hours.

Rogdar Deephammer

Rogdar Deephammer Abilites and Gear


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