The city has fallen

The city has fallen, the PCs have managed to capture the city from the Hobgoblin occupying force.
In an epic battle that featured mass unit combat run using the rules in Warpath. They executed mass combat tactics and strategies very well. They eventually got sucked into house to house fighting after entering the city which move the fighting back into normal style encounter based combat. It was a great session that they and I enjoyed greatly. We even had a party member die and near TPK when they scouted the entrance to the undead catacombs before their army arrived.


About Mike Schmidt

I am a geek with many passions from RPGs, miniature wargaming, board games, fantasy novels/tv, camping, fishing, hunting, firearms, shooting sports, zombies, preparedness, and recently fitness and obstacle racing.
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One Response to The city has fallen

  1. c lynn says:

    Thank God the monk died. Only dragged down the party. Love the blog buddy.

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