Orodtaur, the town that started it all

As I mentioned earlier I had just started randomly drawing dungeons and towns for my upcoming campaign.  Well this is the town that launched the idea.  Before Orodtaur, was over run, and the population was wiped out it was a growing center of commerce and business for the region.  At the time of the last census conducted my Lord Arthon Rivalton, the population was 4,358, and growing rapidly.

Orodtaur had a growing mining and logging industry owned by the Rivalton’s that employed nearly sixty percent of the town’s population.  The remaining forty percent worked in rolls that serviced the population and supported the existing industry.

The current state of the town though is far from thriving, the enchanted farms leading to the towns have gone untended for over a century.  The goblin village that exists on the farm tend to the fields to provide food for themselves and the population of hobgoblins that live in the town proper.  The hobgoblins have enslaved the goblins through fear and believe they are the top of the food chain.  When a goblin goes missing they assume the hobgoblins did it, when a hobgoblin goes missing they assume it was the goblins and crack down on them.  What both sides don’t know is that the undead that fester in the catacombs below the cemetery occasionally need to replenish the ranks.


Orodtaur: (Orod-taur) means mountain forrest


The area surrounding Orodtaur

The area surrounding Orodtaur



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