New Campaign=New Geek Bag

I have been playing RPGs for over two decades now and I have gone through two different game bags.  Both have been backpacks that were my old school bags.  One was an old black bag that I literally used like a Bag of Holding, until I over stuffed it and tore open the dimensional rift.  I still used that bag after it tore open for a year or so.  The next bag was my old college bag and it is still in use today.

I decided that I wanted to get a new bag to use for my geek endeavors.  It will have to be capable of carrying a tablet or laptop. Hold my binders full of adventure info, books, dice and pens etc.  I have searched the internet up and down.  Tactical messenger bags are in vogue right now, and while that does appeal to me (I am also an avid target shooter) I want this bag to just live in my geek world.  I eventually settled on the Rothco Vintage Canvas Explorer Shoulder Bag.   So with out further a due here it is.

I purchased it in brown, time to get my India Jones on. Ok well my India Jones on a budget. Photo Credit: Rothco




About Mike Schmidt

I am a geek with many passions from RPGs, miniature wargaming, board games, fantasy novels/tv, camping, fishing, hunting, firearms, shooting sports, zombies, preparedness, and recently fitness and obstacle racing.
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